Cape of oval section, fabric of awl with 104 tientos of colt, stained the warp with walnut shell. The reason is an adaptation of a Pre-Columbian guard belonging to the Ciénaga (engraved ceramic) culture, from the N.O.A. (Argentine Northwest) *.
The need to adapt the guard is inspired by the exceptional Damascus pattern of the blade, created by the master forger Marcial Dos Santos.
The defense is chosen is in "S", and like the terminals is made in 900 silver.
The sheath is "picasa", Hereford raw leather base, from the "overa" part, with a mat seam made with foals tinted with walnut, to accompany the contrast of the cape.
Toe and mouth sheath, ribs and soaje of the 900 silver medium. Chiselled hook and hinged with 18 k gold detail, great work of the goldsmith Pedro Ceriani.
The sheet, said above is forged in Damascus steel by Marcial Dos Santos, and the pattern is a creation that belongs to him.
Total length of the blade: 27 cm.
Finally, the work is crowned by the art of Jorje Virasoro, with a case that hugs and contains the Dagger, made entirely of Radal wood, with the mastery and dedication that characterizes all his works.
Total length of the piece: 42 cm.

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